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Spring 2019 


Classes start week of April 1st 2019

3-4pm-Pottery Wheel (Kathy)
$300.00/session, 10 weeks (2 spots available)
ages 8 and up
4-5pm—Pottery Wheel (Sharon)
$300.00/session, 10 weeks (2 spots available)
ages 8 and up

5-6pm—Pottery Wheel (Sharon)
$300.00/session, 10 weeks (2 spots available)
ages 8 and up
4:30-6pm-TEEN Art Class (Kathy)
$220.00/session, 10 weeks
ages 10-18

6:30-8:30-Open Studio Clay Time Handbuilding  

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month (Kathy)
$25/class. Pay as you go
Ages 14 and up

6:30-8:30pm -  ADULT Pottery Wheel (Sharon)

2 hour adult Session

Email to find out availability​​​

3:30-4:30pm - Pottery Wheel(Sharon)

$300.00/session   10 weeks (2 spots available)
ages 8 and up
4-5:30pm- After School Art (Kathy)

$220.00/10 weeks
ages 6-14
3-4pm-Pottery Wheel (Kathy)
$300.00/session, 10 weeks (3 spots available)
ages 8 and up
4-5:30pm "FUN IN CLAY" (Kathy)
$300.00/session, 10 weeks (15 spots available)
ages 6 and up
3-4pm-Pottery Wheel (Kathy)

$270.00/session 9 weeks (2 spots available)
ages 8 and up

4-5:30pm- After School Art (Kathy)
$198.00/session 10 weeks
ages 6-14

Class Schedule: April1st-June 14th

We will NOT have afterschool art during April Vacation

April Vacation   Tues-Thurs 10am-4pm PYOP all ages!!!

 Payment schedules:  
Payment is due in full on the
first day of class

ARTWORKS Studio will refund/ makeup any classes

we need to cancel but will not be able to refund any classes missed.
We offer a 30% off 3rd child discount.
All supplies will be provided

We love having friends in for paint nights,clay,Zentangle, Art Journaling, watercolor etc. for adults, children and families.

We have the perfect space for a private event.

Contact Beth, our communications and events manager 

Weekend Events

Welcome to ARTWORKS Studio!  

  We are a group of art creators and educators striving to provide inspiration,

education and motivation in the ARTS! 

Our students are of all ages and abilities.  We offer classes in everything form formal drawing to preschool story time art.  We are always adding new ways for our customers and students to express themselves.  Whether we are having a bachelorette or birthday party, a drawing, clay, pottery wheel, craft, afterschool art or Zentangle class, we are always seeking to inspire and encourage you to continue your creative journey!