Massachusetts Approved 
Professional Development Point Provider #2017F0028

ARTWORKS Studio has been offering classes and workshops in all things creative since 2008. 
Our staff provides instruction in drawing, painting, mixed media and printmaking. 
Our ceramic studio is equipped with a slab roller, coil extruder, pottery wheel and 2 kilns, which allows for extensive instruction for art teachers. A wonderful week for personal development.
Our Certified Zentangle© instructor allows for additional training in a drawing method that is easy-to-learn, relaxing, and a fun way to increase focus. Great methods for teachers of all subjects and certifications.

​JULY 23rd-26th
Mon-Thur 8:30-11:30am 
15 PDP's
This week will cover the basics of hand building, coil, slab and pinch pot. Wheel instruction, glazing, supply storage, clay bodies, kiln firing and maintenance. This is a program for Art Teachers, Special Educators, summer camp councilors and those who need some creative personal development. There will be 3 hours of work out side the studio time and will end with presentations of finished pieces and lesson plans. $250.00 for 4 days $75.00 Studio fee

​JULY 30th-AUG 2nd
Mon-Thur 8:30-11:30am

Bring the Artistic Advantage to your classroom using Children's picture books for inspiration. We will spend each day working in the way some of our favorite Artists/Authors work. Using collage,printmaking and watercolor as mediums for the clasroom. Explore the elements of literature and develop an appreciation of picture books through art experiences. Designed for Art and Classroom teachers, as well as Early and Special Educators. We will share our love for the Illustrated books that inspire children and adults. $200.00 for 4 days $25.00 supply fee

1st THURSDAYS 6-9pm
15 PDP's
This 4 session series is designed to help teachers utilize the techniques of a structured, mindful, drawing time that is pattern driven. The series will offer the tools needed to help students focus, gain confidence and energize. There will be 3 hours of outside classroom assignments. 
The series will culminate in each teacher sharing the steps to an original design. $200.00 all supplies are included.

1st WEDNESDAY 6-9pm
Research has consistently demonstrated that involvement in the arts increases student achievement across all subject areas. Because of the multi-sensory nature of the arts, memory and cognition improve when academic content is combined with color-coding, movement, rhythm, sound phrases, textures and other sensory input. The studio has been a place of building confidence for our talented friends. The course will focus on methods and materials for enhancing the art experience as well as flexibility, extra planning and creativity. $200 for 4 sessions $25 supply fee