Combining Art & Education Since 2010

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso

Why Art Matters

Kathy believes that creativity is inherent to who we are as human beings, and we are here to help people develop and grow that essential characteristic.

Working in the arts involves holistic growth that extends to confidence building, problem solving, and enhancing communication with ourselves and others.

We are here to serve our students by being invested in their creative work by providing a safe environment for them to experiment, fail, and try again.

We create classes that facilitate collaborative learning that encourages students to learn from one another all while building their social and emotional intelligence.

Kathy Wotton

Kathy Wotton

Art & Pottery Wheel instructor, Off-Site Art Event Coordinator,

With a degree in Art Education, Kathy has always found innovative ways to get art into the lives of children outside of their school days.

With an emphasis in Art History and craftsmanship, Kathy believes that art as an extracurricular activity is an essential component to growth in both children and adults.

You will find her greeting her after school art students with great enthusiasm, encouraging adult creativity seekers to try something new, and celebrating birthdays with a passion for hospitality!

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