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So many amazing enrichment classes are offered @connectED & Inspired.  Kathy joins the team in offering Art and Pottery wheel to all ages.



Wednesday Art Class

4:00pm – 5:30pm

For Ages 5 – 10 years

While this class encourages students to explore different elements of creativity that they are inclined towards, the class also teaches students the skills they need to execute their own creative projects.

All sessions run fall (Sept.-Dec.), winter (Jan-March), and spring (April-June). All after school art classes are open for rolling enrollment throughout the year.

Register Here for FALL SESSION

Teen Art Class

4:30pm – 6:00pm

For Ages 10 – 16 years

This weekly class is available for young people ages 10-16 who are ready to use the skills they have cultivated to move into more independent work. This class is perfect for the student who is ready to grow in their creativity but might not be afforded this time during the school day. Teen Art meets every Tuesday from 4:30 -6pm and we offer three sessions with rolling enrollment.


 Pottery Wheel

Days and Times Vary

Ages 8 and up

Up to two students can attend this hour long class weekly during the school year. 

During the day and weekends are available, arrangements can be made emailing Kathy

In this class students will learn to  thrown, trim, and glaze. See schedule for available time slots.


From Our Students & Parents

Our 8-year-old daughter has been a student at Miss Kathy’s Artworks Studio for more than two years now. She loves every minute of it and comes home with beautiful paintings and pottery we display all over the house. They offer different classes, pottery, after-school art (which is a little bit of everything). I can’t wait until my youngest turns 6 so I can sign her up too. This is absolutely the best place for a child who loves arts and crafts and for moms who need to fill an empty wall.

- Monika

Artworks provides a peaceful & creative environment for all of their students. Each instructor is talented and attentive. We will always choose artworks for all of our girls’ future art classes.

- Deborah

 ConnectED & Inspired

1048 South Main St. Bellingham Ma 


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Pottery Wheel

& Off-site Art Parties

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